How it works

The Trakkers System

1. Tag any piece of equipment with a beacon

Our beacons are small enough to stick securely to the most common portable items: pumps, syringe drivers, monitor modules, etc.

2. The beacon transmits to the network

The network constantly receives information on each beacons’ location (and – if necessary – its temperature too).

3. Each beacon’s location is trackable on the app

The Trakkers app can be easily installed on any smartphone or tablet.

Easy to navigate

Click to view gallery of sample screens.

The advantages

The end to missing equipment

Trakkers is a powerful loss prevention system. Staff no longer need waste time hunting through wards and across floors to locate missing equipment. No more unnecessary stockpiling to guard against loss. Now you can find your equipment on screen – accurate to the nearest centimetre.

Bluetooth technology – not WiFi

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows Trakkers’ beacons to be a smaller size, and minimise the impact on your existing IT systems and network.

Smart beacons that do more than track

Page a beacon and it will beep until you find it. Try to take it off your facility and it will sound an alarm. Our beacons’ small size means they can be attached to a wider variety of equipment, and their low profile makes them impossible to accidently dislodge.

Integrates with your existing infrastructure

Trakkers doesn’t require any special software with third-party providers to run. Simply download the app and you’re ready to start. If required, we can also customise it to talk to your existing reporting and building management IT systems.

A better pricing structure

Because we want hospitals to adopt the Trakkers system, we’ve built excellent value-for-spend into our pricing structure – and made it easier for you to scale up in the future. It’s about flat fees and inclusive all-in-one prices, rather than pay-per-user and hidden charges.

Add-on functionality

Trakkers is an adaptable platform with real possibilities for meeting urgent hospital needs. Monitor hand washing routines; drugs cabinet keys; neonatal patients; the location of staff – the technology powering Trakkers can be applied to as many uses as you require.

Temperature Trakkers

Fail-safe temperature monitoring for all vaccines and medications

Our temperature-sensitive beacons – Temp Trakkers – independently monitor the temperature of your refrigerated medications. Internal battery-power means they continue to function even if mains power is interrupted. If temperature rises, configurable alarms will sound at the refrigerator and on a wall-mounted monitor, and/or by an SMS-and-email alert to nominated staff. Temperature data can be retrieved weekly, or can be integrated into your hospital’s Trakkers network. Assists in meeting the requirements of ‘Strive for 5’, 2nd edition.

Pricing plan

For a detailed quote that matches your particular needs, please contact us.

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